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silicone ice cube tray

silicone ice cube tray

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Introducing our Large Silicone Ice Cube Tray, a must-have addition to your kitchen essentials! The flexible ice cube mould is perfect for creating giant ice cubes that will elevate your drinks and food. Our ice cube tray is designed to make it easy for you to release the ice cubes without any hassle. Say goodbye to struggling with traditional plastic trays - our silicone ice cube tray bends and twists with ease, meaning you can effortlessly pop out the large ice cubes every time. Our large ice cube moulds are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your beverages. Whether youre enjoying a glass of whiskey on the rocks or want to impress your guests with oversized ice cubes in their cocktails, this flexible ice cube tray has got you covered. The high-quality silicone material ensures each ice cube comes out in pristine condition, without any cracks or imperfections. With these large ice cube trays in your arsenal, youll be able to take your mixology skills to the next level. In addition to being great for drinks, our silicone ice cube trays are also versatile enough for use with food. From freezing herbs and baby food purees to making chocolate molds and frozen treats, these large silicone moulds have endless possibilities.

Product Details.

  • Perfect size for most glasses.
  • Perfect for cocktails, whiskey, infused ice and frozen fruit.
  • Superior silicone It has zero BPA and is non toxic. 
  • Because of its useful non-stick surface
    the ice cubes come out easily.
  • The silicone tray is reusable.
  • Measurements: 15cm x 10cm x 4cm.

Wash before use.

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Customer Reviews

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Really pleased.

I bought these to freeze portions of homemade bone broth. They do exactly that. Easy to fill, empty and clean.